Analyst Insights

The inaugural SiriusDecisions Summit Canada will unveil the latest b-to-b research and insights relevant to the region, showcase customer stories and successes, and offer numerous networking opportunities with SiriusDecisions analysts and more than 300 b-to-b sales, marketing and product leaders.

Hear directly from our analysts why Summit Canada is a must-attend-event:

“I am thrilled to bring SiriusDecisions Summit to Canada and am excited for all of the actionable insights, data-driven best practices and client stories that will be featured at the event. Summit Canada will address the challenges Canadian b-to-b leaders face in the diverse markets they address, and especially how alignment across sales, marketing and product functions enables organizations to drive growth. Our research will show how highly aligned organizations on average grow 19% faster then their peers and are 15% more profitable.”
Ally Motz – President and CEO, SiriusDecisions Canada


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“With more companies looking to embrace audience-centricity, Summit Canada will be a great opportunity to share insight into what we’ve learned from our clients about making this switch and interact with b-to-b leaders from across Canada to hear about their challenges and successes.”
Monica Behncke – Vice President and Group Director, Demand Services


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“Portfolio marketing and product management leaders often don’t have a chance to get together to learn from each other and spend time talking about how to improve their practice. Since understanding and aligning around buyers and audiences are key priorities in particular for portfolio marketing and product management teams, I’m excited to be part of the inaugural Summit Canada and help them address this important topic.”
Jeff Lash – Vice President and Group Director, Go-to-Market


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“I’m excited for my fellow sales leaders to join me at Summit Canada to learn the secrets of creating a high-performing sales engine…a model for driving repeatable, scaleable execution. We’ll also share insights on how to drive the right demand and the imperatives of audience-centricity. If you’re a sales leader looking to optimize performance, I urge you not miss the inaugural SiriusDecisions Summit Canada.”
Nancy Maluso – Research Director, Sales Enablement Strategies


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“One of the greatest advantages of working at SiriusDecisions is the opportunity to source objective, primary research results that inform analysts and customers alike around ‘what good looks like’ among sales, marketing and product innovators. This research will be front and center at Summit Canada and also provide numerous opportunities to network with your peers and validate top of mind objectives, workstreams, results and more.”
Peter Ostrow – Research Director, Sales Enablement Strategies


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“While account-based marketing continues to expand, many companies are unclear where ABM fits in with existing demand creation strategies, and what’s required to effectively operationalize both. We’re excited to share the SiriusDecisions Demand Spectrum at Summit Canada as a framework for companies to align their demand creation and ABM strategies.”
Bob Peterson – Senior Research Director, Account-Based Marketing


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“Account-based marketing has taken the b-to-b world by storm the last few years, but it doesn’t mean that organizations should ignore their demand creation efforts. At Summit Canada, we’ll look at the key elements, and differences, in account-based marketing and traditional demand creation. Plus, we’ll look at the impact each approach is having on the SiriusDecisions Demand Unit Waterfall.”
Jonathan Tam – Research Director, Demand Creation Strategies


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