How Igloo Software More Than Doubled Inquiry to MQL Conversion Rates With Content Activation


Robin Woods
Marketing Manager, Demand Generation, Igloo Software
Nick Edouard
President and Chief Product Officer, LookBookHQ


The team at Igloo saw an opportunity to improve lead conversion and content engagement. Previously, their website hosted more than 20 different content assets, many of them individually gated, which resulted in high bounce rates and missed opportunities to engage prospects across multiple assets and mediums. They seized an opportunity to eliminate barriers and turn passive content into active buying journeys, creating an enhanced experience and driving better conversion.

Using LookBookHQ’s Content Activation Platform, prospects can now easily engage and self-nurture with multiple pieces of content with a single form-fill, resulting in a more than 2X increase in MQLs over 2 months and more than 5X views of content assets overall.

Join this session to learn:

  • How Igloo more than doubled Inquiry to MQL conversion rate over two months
  • How Igloo doubled the average assets viewed per visitor
  • How a content activation strategy helps customers self-educate and qualify faster
  • Why content engagement should play a key role in lead scoring
  • What’s next: IP detection, inbound ABM, attribution modeling, and more

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