Summit Canada Sessions Agile and Its Impact on B-to-B

Agile and Its Impact on B-to-B

Speaker(s):  Jeff Lash

This session will include: the current state of agile in b-to-b and the benefits it can provide, not just within product development/management, but across marketing and other areas, including how to use agile effectively and where to avoid using it.
"Agile has moved from a niche approach for software development to a major factor on the minds of executives around the world. Though many product, marketing and sales functions are enticed by the concept of agile, there is considerable confusion about what it means to “be agile” and how to employ agile practices outside of product development. In my Summit Canada session, we’ll clear up some misconceptions about agile and show how it can improve execution and outcomes across the organization."<br /><br />&ndash;Jeff Lash